The Best Batting Cage Nets to Use For Play and For Practice

Batting cage nets are useful for individuals who enjoy playing baseball in their backyard, or even for professionals who need such types of equipment for their training sessions. Containing baseballs during batting practice, having a durable net will keep the balls from flying out of the enclosed area top rated baseball bats.

There are those who use chain-link fences instead of nets, thinking that this is much cheaper. While chain-link fences do cost less, they are not durable enough for batting practices. In addition, once the chains start to rust or fall out of shape, they can present a health hazard for the players. In order to have safer and more durable cages, it’s best to use the standard nets.

Before purchasing a net, determine the type of material that will be best to use, the size of the grid in the net, as well as the size of the cage.

There are two types of batting cage netting that are generally used for play or for practice. The first one is made from nylon, while the other is made from polyethylene. Most professionals prefer to use nylon as it is generally a strong material and has a long life span. Since the nets will be in use for a long time, it’s best to have a net that can weather the elements.

On the other hand, amateurs and even families who enjoy playing baseball in their backyard will find it best to use polyethylene nets. Batting cage nets made from this material provides more UV protection compared to nylon nets, and are also water resistant which makes them a more cost-effective option for the home, or facilities that don’t require professional-grade netting.